Personalization on the Google Home Mini


These cute little helpers are gaining in popularity! We've tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here regarding personalization. If you have further questions, feel free to ask below.


Why does the google home mini make a great corporate gift? - These cute little devices are at a great price point for $29.00 each. (The full size Google Home will run you about $79.00) These aren't some little branded koozie that people take with a smile and then go shove in a drawer when they get home. These mini devices are full of useful apps and are here to make life easier for us all. Mine is out in the open on a shelf between my kitchen and living area so it can hear me from the most used rooms in the house. Customize it by adding your brand to the top and voila! - The trifecta of a perfect price point, a product they will love & use AND it markets your brand!... you can't ask for better!

What exactly does the google home mini do? - In short, you can get entertainment, information, personal assistant tasks etc etc etc... all from one tiny little voice activated device, but we're not google. For all the latest features, it's best to consult their website. We leave the technology bits to google and we can handle the customization. :)


What can you do to personalize the google home mini? - The top of the google home mini is actually a thin fabric covering and a trail of lights. We can not engrave on it, but we can print your logo or custom text in full color with our UV light cured inks. There is a perfect spot right on top where your design is always visible. (see above photo)

Are there limits to the personalization? - The only limitation is over the area with the lights as that affects the use of the mini. Other than that, the rainbow and options are all yours!

Do you stock the smart speakers/home assistants such as Google Minis or Amazon Echo Dots? - No, You can order online and have them shipped directly to us or feel free to bring them in yourself.

Who could use one of these? - Me! Seriously, once you get used to having your personal voice assistant, it is a bit addicting. It is a welcome thank you gift for clients, employee milestones, awards and of course your friends and family


How much does personalization cost? - Pricing is based on quantity. For more information, request your own free price quote below.


Is there an order minimum? - Nope. none. We take orders of all sizes.

Fast. Easy & DONE! - Let's create something together.
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