The LOOP from Engrave It Houston

The stainless steel drinkware industry is still going strong. They are THE super hot item at the top of everyone's wish list! Everyone loves these cups! 

Personally, I LOVE my cup and it has become a staple in my daily routine. It is truly versatile and follows me throughout my busy day.... From keeping my coffee/tea piping hot in the morning on my way into work to preserving an icy chilled beverage in the afternoon... even controlling the frosty perfect temperature of my favorite beer/wine in the evenings... these cups bring your day full circle and will be the only cup you need all day long!

YETI was the first brand to make a huge splash in the market. For some people, the $30-$40+ cost per cup is a bit of a breaking point. Thankfully, there are other options on the market now, if you don't have to have the fancy name brand cup. At Engrave It Houston, we have heard your need for a cup that performs like a YETI, but doesn't have the YETI price tag.


We now have our own brand of stainless steel cups that you can purchase directly from us. Our LOOP brand cups are a perfect alternative to YETI cups. The LOOP cups work just as well as the YETIs... but at a cost similar to RTIC or Ozarks. They are much easier on your wallet... So easy, in fact, that you'll have enough money left over to personalize your cup. Win  Win!

First things first... Does the LOOP really compare to the YETI brand cups? See for yourself!


(*Hint* If you're curious, YETI is on the Left)

The cups look identical (except for the YETI logo on the front, of course). The LOOP cups have no markings or logos.

In our performance tests, we filled both cups with equal ice and let the clock do its work. 36 hours later the cups were neck and neck. No stark differences to report.

Our lids are made from tritan material. Tritan is a BPA-free plastic — it is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenols, such as BPS. Tritan is an impact-resistant plastic — products can be used without fear of shattering. Tritan is a tough, tough plastic.

The LOOP is a great alternative for companies as well. Personalize the cups with your company logo and show your customers, clients and employees your appreciation without breaking the bank! 

View our online galleries for ideas on personalization. Everything we do is custom. Send us your logo or tell us what you would like and we will help you make it happen! We're here to help... its just what we do!