We can Powder Coat your YETI!

So you got yourself a YETI Rambler?... (Look at that victory smile on your face!...*high five* you lucky duck!)

In case you ended up here via some weird google search, I don't mean the snowy ice monster, no no....."YETI Ramblers are advanced personal drink coolers made from 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation. Rambler Tumblers will keep your soda or mixed drinks cold twice as long as plastic cups, and make an excellent YETI coffee mug." - via YETI


However whether 1) you and all your friends have the same fancy mug and you want to tell yours apart or 2) Its a $40 cup of awesomeness and lets be honest, you want to keep it as your mug OR 3) You just want to be a little different and add personality to your cup... Engrave It Houston can help you!... whatever your reasons are.

We are YETI Engraving Personalization Experts!

With the 2015 holiday season, we were so busy engraving YETIs (seriously thousands! check out out blog post about engraving here or here) that we didn't even have time to advertise some of the other cool things we can do to personalize YETIs!

Have you seen the Powder Coated YETIs? We think they're fantastic! Check out a few images of cups we've done:


How do you do it? --Sooooo cool, right? The powder coating process takes a few steps. We coat the outside of the cup (not the inside) in a powdered epoxy and then we bake it in a high heat oven. This seals the powder coating to your cup. Its the same process used to powder coat car and machine parts. Its not rocket science, but... the results are pretty impressive. Don't you think?

Can I still put my name (logo or image) on it? --Yes! We can still engrave your name or logo on your cup! After we powder coat the YETI, we then put it in the laser and engrave off the powder coating, reveailing the stainless steel of your cup. 

What are my color options? -- The rainbow is your limit, my friend! While, powder coating is available in every single color you can imagine, we don't stock them all. We've got the most popular color choices and still plenty to choose from! However, if there is a certain hue or shade you just can't live without... all you have to do is ask :) 

We're always working on new projects!
To see more images, VISIT OUR GALLERY.