Frequently Asked Questions
-And Their Answers-


1. Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in Northwest Houston.
Near Hwy 290 and Beltway 8.

Our Address:
Engrave It Houston
9125 Emmott Road
Houston, TX 77040


2. What are your capabilities?

Our state of the art equipment includes Fibermark Lasers, CO2 Lasers, Metalphoto, Direct to Surface Printing and a variety of other services. Our knowledgeable staff will determine which process you will need for your project.

For industrial engraving, we mark a variety of parts and surfaces including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Acrylics, Brass, Tile, Vinyl, Granite, Marble, Glass, Wood, Brick, and more…

We also work with advertising companies, fundraising groups, and corporate entities, as well as individuals with custom engraving projects.

We can’t promise we can help you but there is a good chance that we can. We often hear, “I am so glad I called – no one else could do this! “ Either way, you will speak to a knowledgeable person with many years of industry experience.


3. Price?

Because of the custom nature of the work we do, we prefer to price all jobs individually. We have several highly experienced staff in our quoting department who are ready to discuss your particular needs and provide a quotation. Send us a digital file, drawing, sample or give us a call to discuss your particular requirements. If you would like to inquire about our capabilities or perhaps receive a quotation on a particular item, there are a variety of ways to contact us:


Phone: 713-896-1765 or 800-310-9911
Fax: 713-896-1760
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30am-4:00pm (Central Standard Time)

4. What artwork files do you accept?

We prefer Vector format files - Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, EPS, or PDF is preferred.
Hi Res images (between 300 dpi to 1440 dpi) will give better quality results than low res images.


5. What are your lead times?

We have a standard 7-10 business day lead time, however we usually complete projects sooner than that, and will contact you as soon as it is finished.

Expedite services are available, with fees based on workload and complexity of the job. If you have a time sensitive project, please be sure to discuss this with our customer service representative when requesting a quote.

6. Want More?

If you're looking to dive deeper into the exciting world of engraving, marking, etching, and direct printing check out our blog. We post regular articles explainging our production process in greater detail, creating unique solutions to industry issues, detailing case studies from previous projects, and more!



Engrave It Houston Operational Policies

Updated Jan 9, 2019


A. Domestic Shipping is via UPS under Engrave It Houston’s account.

B. Engrave It Houston does not offer international shipping.


A. Because all items are custom engraved, there are no refunds or exchanges on these items except in two specific cases:

1. Production has not yet begun (your order has not begun to be personalized, engraved, or shipped yet).

2. Engrave It Houston did not accurately engrave the information that you submitted via our online forms at the time of purchase.


A. Customers are responsible for the information given for an order (via our online forms at the time of purchase).

B. Information will be copied from the order and placed into the Engrave It Houston design template.

- This includes spelling and capitalization.




A. Engrave It Houston offers the ability for customers to personalize their orders with custom designs or images.

B. Engrave It Houston reserves the right not to engrave certain images or designs.


A. Engrave It Houston reserves all rights to photograph any work performed for promotional reasons, and to post any photography of work performed publicly.

B. As Engrave It Houston performed work as directed by the logo’s rights holder or authorized agent, all images of work performed will be considered “Fair Use” by Shop Engrave It Houston.

 Vi. Mockups/Proofs

Digital mockups/proofs are created for sizing/placement verification purposes and do not represent an guaranteed reflection of the finished product.


Engrave It Houston reserves the right to modify these policies at any time.