3 Mistakes You Can Make With Realtor Closing Gifts


They buy a house with you, you get your commission. They're happy, you're happy. It's all good. In past years this is where you parted ways until they decided to move again, but in more recent years it has become customary (and in some areas expected) to give the client a closing gift as a "thank you" for chosing you to be their realtor. 

You obviously do not HAVE to do this. It is completely the choice of the realtor. But if you are thinking about giving a closing gift...

What could go wrong? - Here are 3 Mistakes you can make when buying a closing gift. Keep these things in mind when choosing your gift and you should be golden.

1. The value of the gift does not match the value of the house - Most realtors will spend between $50-$300 on a closing gift. (again there is no exact science to it or written rules) It's typical to tailor the closing gift price to the total cost of the house (or a percentage of your comission).  A gift for family that buys a 150k house and a gift for a family that buys a 600k house probrobly should be different. A home is a huge investment for buyers. You don't have to empty your pockets to show your appreciation. Just keep in mind the investment of the buyers and their needs. Which brings us to...

2. The gift does not match the needs of the client - A new bottle of wine for the couple that doesn't drink wine? An expensive glass vase for the family with 3 toddlers in the house? a new puppy for someone who didn't ask for one? -- yep! - It's all been done before. When you're traveling wiht your clients, listen to what they talk about. Maybe he is into grilling outside. Maybe she is really looking forward to decorating the new place and landscaping. A little thoughtfulness will go a long way in showing that you really care about your clients and not just the paycheck.

3. And finally, The gift is more of a sales pitch for you than it is a gift for them - We all have one. You went to some conference and a company was passing out koosies, tshirts or ball caps (or whatever) with their logo plastered all over it... and they do it in hopes that you will become a walking bilboard for them. Be honest with yourself. Is your client really going to LOVE drinking out of a coffee mug with your smiling face on it before 6am every day? Or are you so obvioulsy just fishing for referrals?

Be amazing at your job, attentive to your clients and your greatness will spread by word of mouth.

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