Are you YETI?!

If you've ventured anywhere in the social BBQ party scene this summer, you've probably run into more than a few avid YETI brand devotees.


And if you ask their opinions on competition brands, or even dare to venture the phrase "whats so special about your expensive cup, anyways?" .... prepare to be TOLD exactly that, brother. 

It doesn't take long for a clueless newbie to become a fan of the stainless steel drinkware market. Luke warm and flat beverages are a thing of the past. Hooray for science, right?!?!

Whether you think it’s a fad or not, there are some compelling arguments for investing in one of these science marvels to keep your drinks cold all day, or hot for an extended period of time. 

Thanks to the popularity of the YETI brand, there are many competitor brands on the market now that offer cups available at anyone's price range. RTIC, BOSS, ENGEL, GRIZZLY, etc. etc. etc. and now even Wal-mart has a brand! Ozark Trails come in at a price to fit even the smallest of budgets, leaving more green to put towards personalzing your cup!

They all have roughly the same performance and endurance when put to the test with ice and heat. ANY of them are going to be superior to your standard drinking cup or coffee mug. You can't really go wrong and your money is yours to be spent on an awesome cup or a fancier brand. (don't hate on YETI, they aren't the first to create something amazing and have everyone try to imitate at a lower price point) 

So grab your cup (any brand cup!) and bring it to us. Or we can provide the cups for you, if you prefer. We're ready to help you make it awesome!