Is a YETI the best gift ever?

Did you spend hours shopping online and make multiple trips to stores in search of the elusive and ever poplular... not brand new toy, no... not the latest video game, no...but the sought after $40 YETI rambler?

If you didn't get your very own YETI... don't fret... you were not alone. The YETI cup craze was... a little overwhelming, especially if you were among the late shoppers. Academy had people stalking their shipment trucks waiting to pounce. Online stores were unable to keep any in stock. It was like the Tickle Me Elmo days all over again! 

At Engrave It Houston, we were getting multiple calls a day from people just searching for the cups. (sorry to those of you we couldn't help!) And we must have engraved countless thousands of cups for lucky recipients. Check out our Gallery to view some of our latest  YETI engravings!

So does all the hype match the awesomeness of this YETI rambler? -- I've had my YETI for a while and I still sip in amazement when my tea is still at the perfect temperature hours after I've made it. (I may never get over that.)

This Christmas, we added to our coffee/tea drink ware and now my husband is a proud owner of a 30oz YETI as well. It didn't take him but a few hours after unwrapping presents for him to put it to the test with multiple beverages and then eventually proclaim his awe and approval as well.

So our vote is, yes.... They're pretty amazing.

What are your thoughts? Did you recieve your YETI?