Where Can I Engrave My Stethoscope?

Whether you just graduated from medical school or you're a seasoned professional... you know what an investment good equipment is. A common issue in the medical professional world... Stethoscopes "walking off"... who knows why they disappear?

The easiest way that you can at least give yourself a better chance of it returning to you is to engrave it.


"Where can I engrave my stethoscope?"

There are two (quick) ways to answer that question. 

1) Bring it to us! Engrave It Houston will take care of your stethoscope and the design process/engraving for you! We've engraved an array of many different medical instruments. (not just stethoscopes!)

2) There are a few places on the stethoscope that lend well to personalization. You can see from the chart below.

With most instruments and materials, if there is an open or blank area for engraving, we have a machine that can personalize it! Check out our gallery for images of our work.


Why should I engrave my stethoscope?

Engraving is a solid choice in permanently branding and making the tools of your trade stand out from the rest.

1. Less chance of it walking off without you and getting lost in the endless shuffle of medical shift changes. 

2. Should it still walk off, it'll be easier to return to you.

3. Engraving makes a really nice gift for a graduating student.

4. If you invest in quality equipment for your profession, it should stay yours!

How much does engraving cost?

For 1 stethoscope, it is $45. Our turn around time is between 7-10 business days. (we usually try to run faster than that, if we can)

At Engrave It Houston, we can engrave your stethoscope while you wait! We love our customers and we understand it is hard to part with certain items.  If you prefer to have your stethoscope engraved while you wait, the cost is $75. Give us a heads up by scheduling an appointment. We will save a machine for you and engrave while you wait. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're happy to help... it's just what we do!