4 Personalized Christmas Gift ideas for 2015

I know its just hardly even October, but bear with me... if you haven't even thought about Christmas just a little bit... I envy you. I'm not a grinch. I love the holidays, but I no more than begin to enjoy my pumpkin spice everything before peppermint and mistletoe are being strung up everywhere. 

The holidays are a time to show our love to our friends and families. Don't think of gift giving as a chore; rather, think of it as a chance to demonstrate how much the recipient means to you. If you want to go that extra mile, adding custom engraving makes any gift a treasure.

Here are 4 Personalized & Engraved Christmas Gift ideas for 2015:


#1. The Sentimental - Perhaps the most common items people think to custom engrave are treasured mementos. A piece of jewelry, a family keepsake, a hidden message on the back of a necklace or a noteworthy quote to mark a special occasion or memory - All winning choices.

This takes a bit of thought in advance before the actual engraving takes place... but if you can find just the right piece, going the extra mile by adding personalization can make it extraordinary


#2. The Gotta have it - One of the easier gift ideas this year is to simply get THE hot gift of the season. Something you know your special someone will use day to day and has already been proven by popularity to be a winner. YETI cups are proudly wearing their crown as one of the best travel cups (and coolers if you're interested) on the market right now.
Seriously, you and your gift-ee won't be disappointed with this one.
Read our blog on just how amazing they are.


#3. The Techie - We all know at least one person who is super on top of the coolest gadgets and its practically attached at the hip with their gear. If you can pry it from their hands long enough to get it engraved, you can create something that is characteristially an extension of their personality. If they won't give it up... perhaps a case to protect their precioussssss.


#4. The Expert - Last but not least and probably one of the easiest to be creative with is a hobby or a prefessional item. Engrave it with something as simple as initials or a monogram to insure it never gets lost or engrave a logo/special message. 

Hopefully this sparks some ideas and at least gets the ball rolling a little early this year for you. A little initial pre-planning will prevent any last minute gift giving horrors (Late night infomercial gifts anyone?) and allow your admiration for your loved ones to shine through.

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