5 Reasons You Should Customize Your Closing Gift

There are hundreds of ideas (or more) out there for closing gifts and baskets/conglomerations that are tailored to your clients personalities. The popcorn machine for the young family that now has a movie room? Wine of the month club for the couple who is a snob at the cheap stuff? A grilling set for the BBQ king with an outdoor kitchen? Yes! All of those are winning ideas! You're a rock star at closing deals and being creative! You go!

Want to know how to put that extra huzzah in your closing gift?

The biggest impact you can make is adding customization.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider customizing your closing gift:

1) It shows that you went the extra mile - Your client's trust you to make sure that everything in their contract is taken care of. Sure, they are a responsible party as well but you do this day in and day out. They trust you to make sure that they are taken care of. So you did that AND took the time to get a customized gift created for them? wow. just wow.

2) It doesn't look cookie cutter/off the shelf or a last minute purchase - Ever been the guy bringing grocery store packaged cookies to a holiday gathering you knew about months ago? Don't be that guy running through the store last minute without any planning ahead of time. Custom gifts don't always have to take weeks to create! There are many options for fast and easy ideas for customized gifts. All it takes is just a few minutes. Check out our website for some easy ideas. We make it easy, you don't even have to be creative

3) It will remain a keepsake in their home for years and years - always making them think of you when they see it. An engraved/customized wine bottle chiller becomes a treasured keepsake that will forever have a place in their kitchen. A cutting board personalized with the family last name is something that your master chef (or wanna be TV star) will use over and over again. Know a coffee lover? A beautiful engraved stainless steel mug will be a welcome gift that will keep her coffee hot day after day. A great gift will serve as a consistent reminder of how great you took care of them.

4) You do not look 'cheap' - Personalization does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but your clients don't need to know that! Your gift will ALWAYS look like you spent big bucks when you get it customized. Not only did you buy the nice gift but you got it customized too?! Thats AMAZING!

5) We all like nice things - I don't care who you are, we all have the 'fancy' dishes that we don't eat off of everyday (even if they aren't all that fancy). Shoes may be your thing... or fine wine. We all love a little taste of the richer things in life from time to time. There is just something about owning an item that has your name or your very own logo on it that makes it just a little bit better... and there is nothing wrong with that. 

If you need some ideas for customized closing gifts, check out our shop.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We're here for you and we're happy to help... It's just what we do.

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