Should I give a closing gift?

Should I give a closing gift? It is a tough question to answer...
Are my clients expecting a closing gift?
...What kind of gift should I give them?  

Market research shows that it is important to provide a closing gift but what is often overlooked is the 'what to give' component.  National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests listening to your clients needs to find out what is going to be the most impactful to them, which does not necessarily mean the most expensive item.  

(Using the gift as a way to brand your business is whole different decision venture which we can go over the etiquite rules in another blog series.)

There are so many variables on deciding the answers to all of these questions, but ultimately, it comes down to a business decision.  We put together a quick info graphic that may help with your decisions and when you're ready to shop, we'll be happy to help you take care of that decision as well. If you have further ideas or questions, contact us. We can help you design and create the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion!

Happy Selling!