5 Reasons why you should put your Firearm(s) in a trust

Why should you put your firearms into a trust vs. leaving them with your estate or in a will?

Let's start with a quick story, shall we? Say (for whatever reason) you  meet your last moments of life. With your passing, your estate must be probated. This means an executor accumulates your assets, pays off any liabilities or debt, and disburses the remainder to your beneficiaries listed in your will. What happens to your stuff? What about your collection of firearms? (Be it big and expensive or small and treasured)

5 reasons why you should
put your firearms in a Trust

1) If you do not have a specific trust set up for your firearms, they are part of your estate and go through the probate process. Meaning that the value of your firearms is included in the amount of your total assets. 

2) Your firearms may become public record if not in a trust. This is of concern if you have specific collectors items or a highly valuable collection that you do not want to be public record. Thieves monitor these records.

3)  A gun trust offers legal protection from potential future laws which may ban the possession or sale of the firearms. Ie “high-capacity” magazines, grandfathered accessories, tax-stamp systems or compononents.

4) Putting your guns in a trust allows your collection to be passed safely to another person to avoid accidental felonies. If you pass away, __(family member or friend)__ is allowed to take ownership/possession of your firearm(s).

5) Gun trusts allow the owners of the regulated firearms to use and share them legally with family members and to pass them down through the generations. Unless the items in the trust are sold by the trustee, the items belongs to the trust as long as the trust exists. A gun trust can set out the division of property just like a will, but the assets remain legally in the trust for generations.

There are many other reasons that support putting your firearm collection into a trust vs. leaving them in a will. Do more of your research or contact a trust lawyer to see if it is the right move for you.

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