5 Tips For Designing Stainless Steel Tags


It doesn't take rocket science to design stainless steel ID tags, but since it's the new year, it a great time to review your process, and make sure 2014 starts off right!  Here are a few tips to keep your design simple and straightforward.

1. Use an Easy to Read Font

Unfortunately when it comes to cable and conduit tags, there is not much room for creativity and imagination! Stick to an easy to read font that can be quickly scanned and identified by the eyes. Many customers choose Arial or Times New Roman to keep the font uniform and familiar.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet

It's also important to keep your tag message short and sweet. Avoid unnecessary words and use abbreviations when appropriate. You don't want to shorten words to the point of creating a coded message, but you can abbreviate when appropriate. Abbreviations for directions and rooms are usually the industry standard. (e.g. NW for "Northwest" and ELEC for "Electric")

3. Use Capital Letters

It is also important to use all capital letters when designing your stainless steel tags. Experts say that it takes the eyes an additional 2 seconds to differentiate font sizes. Using all capital letters of the same font size will allow for quick readability.


4. Use Straight Lines

If your creative juices are flowing and you are looking for more flair on your tag, resist the urge! Letters that are shaped to fit the tag can be difficult to read.  Of course, you can incorporate your company logo, but make sure the pertinent information is simple, clear and easily read.

5. Use the Correct Engraving Process

Consider the usage of your tags, and the environment it will be exposed to.  Laser engraving is usually sufficient. It provides a permanent black marking that is easily read. However, if you have an extremely harsh environment, you may choose rotary engraved stainless steel tags, where the bit actually cuts into the metal, leaving an indelible mark.  The text can be paint filled for better contrast.


If you need help designing Stainless Steel Tags, please contact us. We have many years experience and are familiar with industry standards and best practices. Engrave It Houston can help you create an effective tag that gets the job done and is easily understood.