How much does custom engraving cost?

So, you found the PERFECT... whatever you were looking for... and to make it the best ever, you want to make it totally unique. Totally FABULOUS! Custom engraving can be done on almost anything, and it takes your gift to the next level. A special monogram, name, message, or design, will make it one of a kind, a treasured keepsake.


But how much will that cost? Good question! But that's the thing about custom engraving -- it's all custom! There are some things to consider, however, that will help you understand and keep your project within your means.

  • First of all, pricing depends on what type of item you are engraving.  The value of the item is taken into consideration, due to the risks present in the event an error occurs. A reputable engraver will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.
  • Set-up plays a factor in pricing.  A piece that can lay flat will generally be less than an odd shaped item that may need to have a jig made to hold it in place.
  • Which process is being used? There are different types of engraving processes, each with different results.  Knowlegeable staff will help you decide whether laser engraving, rotary engraving, diamond drag, or chemical etching would be best for your project.  You can also learn more about different engraving processes here.
  • Size affects pricing.  A 2 x 2" monogram will take less time than a 8 x 10" plaque, so the price will reflect that.
  • The design may or may not make a difference. There are so many options, from simple text, to logos, to photographs... Generally speaking, the intricacies of the design doesn't affect the price with laser engraving.  However, other types of engraving may be a different story. To keep your costs down, if you want to include images or logos, make sure you provide a high quality digital file such as a jpg or pdf. 
  • Last but not least, quantity affects pricing. Of course, many times custom engraving is needed for single items.  But just so you know, there is usually a substantial discount for quantities.  A fairly large portion of figuring the cost of custom engraving is the time that goes into creating the files and setting up the piece.  Once that is done, multiples can be run easily. Something to keep in mind...

So there you have it.  Custom engraving pricing in a nutshell. Well... not really, but if you want to get down to the dollars and cents, Engrave It Houston is here to help!  Be sure to check out our Gallery of Custom Engraving  - you might find even more inspiration, or you can click here to request a free quote!