A Grandfather's Gift - Custom Engraving

It's a rainy and gloomy Thursday morning and I need my spirit lifted, so I look back at things that have brought me joy. Besides doing our industrial services, we do custom engraving and get to hear a lot of great stories. Recently we were involved in helping a grandfather pass on something important to him to his grandson. Two of the reminders he wanted to "engrave" in his grandson's memory were "being a Texan" and his home, the 222 Ranch. He walked in to our office with a Henry rifle and asked us to engrave in the stock the gate to his ranch and the State Seal of Texas into the receiver. He didn't have a picture of the gate and tried to explain how it looked and said he wasn't in a hurry. So on the next Sunday afternoon that was pretty I went out on my motorcycle, took a few pictures, and brought them in to Chelsie, our graphic designer.



Chelsie took the photo and made a drawing that we used to engrave the stock. We already had a drawing for the State Seal for the receiver. You can view the engravings being done in this short video: 



Custom engraving means just that, taking an item and making it totally yours. You can see other custom work we have done by viewing our Custom Gallery.


My day just brightened. I hope your day has too.