DuraBlack - The Newest Kid on the Block


DuraBlack is a relatively new product that outperforms laser markable black anodized aluminum and acrylic labels and due to its ease of processing is a lower cost solution for permanent marking. DuraBlack was developed by the maker of Metalphoto. It was engineered to withstand harsh industrial and military operating environments without the extra step of applying a protective topcoat (which is required for Metalphoto) making it more cost effective. It works well for assest management, permanent instructions or identification. DuraBlack is imaged with a marking laser to produce a durable, high-resolution barcode, QR code, or human-readable image.



Durablack is anodized aluminum with a special multi-level coating. The coating is removed by laser exposing the aluminum which appears white. Basically you have a black background with white text making it highly legible. It can be mounted with an adhesive back, rivets, or screws and with a thickness of .020 is flexible enough for curved surfaces. You can see the durability characteristics on this PDF.

If you are looking for a solution for your marking needs and wanting to keep your cost in line with a great product, DuraBlack may be your answer. Give us a call with any questions, we are always willing to help you. Have a great weekend and don't forget to MOVE YOUR CLOCK FORWARD!