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4 Ways to make Aluminum YOUR Solution!

We try to keep our customers aware of trends in the market, especially when we believe in the product. More and more companies are changing from stainless steel to aluminum for their marking needs. Today I want to tell you about 4 ways you can make aluminum your marking solution.

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DuraBlack - The Newest Kid on the Block

DuraBlack is a relatively new product that outperforms laser markable black anodized aluminum and acrylic labels and due to its ease of processing is a lower cost solution for permanent marking. DuraBlack was developed by the maker of Metalphoto. It was engineered to withstand harsh industrial and military operating environments without the extra step of applying a protective topcoat (which is required for Metalphoto) making it more cost effective. It works well for assest management, permanent instructions or identification. DuraBlack is imaged with a marking laser to produce a durable, high-resolution barcode, QR code, or human-readable image.

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