Forward or Reverse - Plastic Works

Ever heard the term "reverse engraved" plastic tags and really didn't know what it meant? Well I've learned that there at least two ways to skin the proverbial cat. When someone mentions "laser engraved plastic tags" I get a picture like the red one in my mind. This is a front engraved plastic tag. It has a white core and a red surface, and we use a laser to etch away the red surface exposing the white core. Note in this picture that the text appears sunk - it is. If you run your finger over the tag you will feel these depressions.This is the most typical and the least expensive style. There are many colors to choose from, both in the core and the surface.  Download our plastic color chart by clicking here. 



We know work environments differ, as well as design elements. Another option in plastic has a smooth surface (which keeps out dirt and is easier to clean), and allows for multi colored designs. Reverse engraved plastic has a clear, non-glare matte finish over a layer of rich color. Then, by using a mirror image, we use the laser to create either a crisp, clean image, ultra-fine lettering, or both, with a durable smooth surface that resists fingerprints. The blue picture is a reversed engraved tag looks like. The indentions are on the back of the tag and the front is smooth. No nooks or crevices to try and keep clean. Beginning with a blue color with the clear matte top cover, we use the laser to remove the blue from the back, and then paint (in this case-white) the clear area, once again from the back. Here's another advantage of using reverse engraved over front engraved... you can use different fill colors on the same tag. Using this same photo, the blue and white one, you really want the word "sea" in green. We could paint the word sea using green paint and the rest of it in white. Because it requires a few more steps, reverse engraving costs a little more, but the benefits are greater.

Either way, forward or reverse, we can cover any of your plastic tag needs. We would be glad to talk with you and answer any questions.