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Engraved Plastic Tags Are Not All The Same

If you search google for "engraved plastic tags" you'll come up with many different companies. Not all engraved plastic tags are the same, however. Here's what makes our plastic tags and labels different:

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Tags: Phenolic vs. Engravers Plastic

Every once in awhile we are asked if we make phenolic labels. Actually, most of the time the customer is asking us for a phenolic label and then ending up getting a label in engravers plastic after out discussion. I hope to clear this up with the description of both phenolic and what we believe is a better and more cost effective substitute. 

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Engraved Electric Cover Plates - Don't Pass Up That Job!

Don't pass up that next job just because it requires the electric cover plates to be engraved! We can help you and we'll make it easy. Just bring us the plates and a list of what you want on each one.

We normally engrave either stainless steel plates (pictured on right) or a plastic/nylon plate (pictured on the left). The processes used to mark these plates are different. I will give you a quick synopsis of how we mark them.

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Forward or Reverse - Plastic Works

Ever heard the term "reverse engraved" plastic tags and really didn't know what it meant? Well I've learned that there at least two ways to skin the proverbial cat. When someone mentions "laser engraved plastic tags" I get a picture like the red one in my mind. This is a front engraved plastic tag. It has a white core and a red surface, and we use a laser to etch away the red surface exposing the white core. Note in this picture that the text appears sunk - it is.

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Engraved Plastic Labels - Using All the Colors of the Rainbow

Laser engraved plastic labels are a great option, and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Using color to differentiate instructions and information on tags can help staff identify information quickly. Specific colors can be used to identify contents. Others can hold safety messaging or operating instructions. Rather than sifting through the same metal messaging system, a little color in your labels will save time and ensure accuracy.

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Plastic Tags vs. Metal Tags: Choosing the Right Material

Tags… nameplates… labels… Whatever you want to call them – They have been used by humankind for nearly ten thousand years. Well, OK -  maybe that IS an exaggeration… but marking your products is a big deal, especially in today’s world. Virtually every product, assembly or component has a requirement to carry identification or tracking information of some type. We need to identify, organize, instruct, and label  - which requires a consistent, long lasting, easily understood method of doing so.

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