Engraved Electric Cover Plates - Don't Pass Up That Job!


Don't pass up that next job just because it requires the electric cover plates to be engraved! We can help you and we'll make it easy. Just bring us the plates and a list of what you want on each one.


We normally engrave either stainless steel plates (pictured on right) or a plastic/nylon plate (pictured on the left). The processes used to mark these plates are different. I will give you a quick synopsis of how we mark them.

There are 3 ways to mark stainless steel cover plates, and two of them use a laser.

1. We spray the plate with a heat activated marking solution that makes a permanent black mark. This process doesn't actually remove any of the plate's material but forms a chemical bond and requires the use of our CO2 lasers..
2. Using a Fibermark laser we engrave directly into the plate's surface, removing part of the substrate, and leaving the etched part a dark color. 
3. Rotary engraving is our last method to mark stainless steel plates. The plate's substrate is removed by the bit in a rotary engraver and then we paint fill the void. 

This is the most common and economical cover plate option and the one we see the most. To mark this plate we first place masking tape over the end(s) of the plate we are marking. With the tape applied, we use a CO2 laser to mark the plates by removing some of the substrate. Then the plate is spray painted with the color desired, because we mask the plate first only the engraved area gets painted. Once finished with the painting, the masking tape is removed and your cover plate is ready to go. The most common combination of colors are: red plate with black or white text,  white plate with black text.


So don't worry when the project manager tells you electrical cover plates need to be marked. Just give us the information and we'll get the job done without any additional stress on you. You don't need anymore stress, just ENJOY LIFE until next time!