Custom Engraving Story of the Week - Birthday Gifts

Wow, it's Friday and I haven't done the custom engraving story of the week. I'd better get started with three short stories about how we got to participate in three separate birthday gifts. These gifts cover all ages, from a 5 (maybe 4) year old to a 75 year old. Let's get to the stories, and I'll go by their ages.


A man came in with a rather large piece of wood the the word "Butters" on it. The name on the sign had been painted yellow and at first glance didn't look that good. He asked us to engrave "Loved by the Denker Family" and a horse silhouette, and then paint them black. The picture of the sign is above and I put a 6" ruler in front of it so you could get an idea of the size of the board. Here's the story behind the sign. It was a present for a little girl (I can't remember if she was turning 4 or 5) who loves her horse, Butters. Her father had hand chiseled the name into the wood and then the little girl got to paint the letters yellow. She painted the letters by using her fingers. Remember how I said at first glance the painting didn't look so good, after hearing who did it and the method she used, it looked absolutely perfect. The little girl got her birthday wish and Butters got a new sign for the barn. Great job Dad!


The second gift we engraved was for a young teen girl who was given a guitar by her mother. It was a beautiful guitar and the girl will always know when she got it and who gave it to her. It went from being A guitar to being THE guitar. Way to go Mom!


The last birthday present was for a lucky 75 year young man. It was a beautiful wooden box that we engraved the front with the giver's personal birthday greetings. When you opened the box inside was nestled a bottle of scotch. If you look between the labels you will see the recipient's name that was marked with our laser. I goggled this scotch and found it to be expensive, Very expensive. What a way to make it even more special with the two engravings.

So, there you have the three stories of birthday presents where we got to be a part. Keep us in mind if you need anything special engraved. We engrave all kinds of things and look forward to engraving yours. Until next week, Enjoy Life!