See 3 Ways Metalphoto Solves Problems

Metalphoto is quickly becoming the go to solution for many of our client's toughest problems. The process uses a special material, where an image is developed into photo-sensitive anodized aluminum, and then sealed for maximum durability. For more information on Metalphoto you can see one of our recent blogs here. Today, I want to show how it was used to help provide a solution for 3 specific problems that our customers were having.

Problem #1
Customer could not read the QR codes with their scanners on their stainless steel tags.

Solution: Stainless steel has inherent reflective issues that make QR codes and bar codes hard to read. We provided our customer with the performance characteristics of Metalphoto because many people do not know how well it stands up to the challenges of harsh environments, such as those faced in the oil & gas industry. Then we provided the first sample; using their QR codes and product information. (A quick sidenote-we are not photographers, as you will see.) Below is a picture of the actual solution:


They received the sample, their scanners were able to read the QR codes, they placed an order for more. This problem is solved and we have a new customer.

Problem #2
A customer wanted to market their name on all their large tanks. Plastic or vinyl letters faded and they didn't want to go through the mess of using stencils and paint. They were searching for a professional look that could withstand the elements faced by exterior signage.

Solution: We offered them full color direct print on Metalphoto, sealed with the anodic layer for UV protection. We used a .020 thickness so they could "wrap" it around the rounded tanks. Notice on this one there are no holes. With two way adhesive on the back, the Metalphoto signage is easy to attach and will stay where they are put.  Here's the photo of this solution:


Because we used the direct printing process with the Metalphoto, we were able to incorporate the colors needed for their logo. Their brand will definitely stand out now!

Problem #3
A heavy equipment company had problems with their existing paper and plastic ID tags that were always wearing out, washing off, or just not readable any longer. Another issue was getting replacements from the OEM in a timely manner.

Solution: We solved the durability problem by using Metalphoto to reproduce their tags in photo-sensitive anodized aluminum. It stands up to chemicals, heat... even after powerwashing, the tags still look brand new! To overcome the delay factor, we produced their tags in bulk with information fields left blank. They send us a spreadsheet with the information they want in the blanks and we use a laser to mark the rest of the tag. This is done twice a week and they pick up from us on Mondays and Wednesdays. An example of one the many tags we do for them is shown below. We even do some of their tags in Spanish and French.


As you can see, Metalphoto has a lot of industrial uses. You just have to be open to try something new. We are currently working with a company in Oregon for signage on their nitrogen trucks and a company in California to mark travelling cases for the US Air Force. Have a problem you want help with? Give us a chance, we'd love to have a picture of your solution too!

Next up on the blog will be another story from our custom engraving. Until then, enjoy life!