Custom Engraving Story of the Week - The Recipe


What do you give as a gift to your brother when he is getting married? This special story started when a sister decided to give her brother a wedding present that could be useful AND carry a piece of special family history. Her brother Cliff was getting married on June 20th and she really wanted so to give him that really special gift, that something to remember.
They had lost their mother when Cliff was very young. Cliff's sister found one of her mother's old recipes and brought it to us. It was an old piece of paper, spotted from years of use, that had a recipe for "Sweetheart Salad". How appropriate for a wedding present. But the best was yet to come. The recipe was written in their mother's own handwriting. WOW! We were able to scan an image of the recipe and create a digital file which was then laser engraved into the wood. This is how it turned out:

If you look at the recipe, you will see a spot between the name of the food and the first line. This was a mark from the original paper where something had fallen, a misplaced ingredient or a drop of batter. Cliff's sister didn't want us to "clean up" the image; she wanted it to be just like the paper. She even wanted the scratched out letters. This has to be one of the best wedding presents ever! I hope Cliff enjoys the cutting board as well as the thought that went into this choice. Good luck to the new couple, we're all rooting for you.

This is the second Custom Story of the Week. Check back next week for our next one, or better yet subscribe to the blog. Who knows what we'll get to see this week. Until then, enjoy life.