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Custom Story of the Week - The Golden Gift

 A gentleman named Chris walked into our office one day last month with a large piece of cedar. When I say large I mean LARGE! It was a slab that measured 19" x 40" and was 2" thick. His family wanted to make a special Golden Anniversay gift for his mother and father. 

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Custom Engraving Story of the Week - Birthday Gifts

Wow, it's Friday and I haven't done the custom engraving story of the week. I'd better get started with three short stories about how we got to participate in three separate birthday gifts. These gifts cover all ages, from a 5 (maybe 4) year old to a 75 year old. Let's get to the stories, and I'll go by their ages.

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Custom Engraving Story of the Week - The Recipe

What do you give as a gift to your brother when he is getting married? This special story started when a sister decided to give her brother a wedding present that could be useful AND carry a piece of special family history. Her brother Cliff was getting married on June 20th and she really wanted so to give him that really special gift, that something to remember.

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