Custom Story of the week - Yetis R'us

If you've been living in a very secluded world, been in the hospital in a coma, or if your friends and relatives are cheap (like mine), then you may not know about the latest craze that has hit our company, the YETI! Yes, the personalization of the Yeti has kept us working all hours of the night. Some people just want one, some over 1,000. Here's the good thing about the Yeti, they work and you can make it your own. 

There are companies that are using them for awards to employees, as gifts to their customers, and as a means of marketing. There are individuals that just want to have their own Yeti and make sure no one else gets it. So far this year we have engraved almost 12,000 since June 1st. Wow, no wonder we're tired, I thought we were just getting old! Here are a few samples of what our customers have asked us to do:

You have people with their favorite camp, favorite branch of the Armed Forces, ot their favorite leisure activity like being at the beach house and catching redfish.

There are those that have their favorite fireman, coach, or American hero.

There are those plain folks, that spell out their names boldly. Then we have the fancy ones that want their name all fancy. Then we have those that want everyone to think they have a boat!

Then we have companies that are building their brand and colleges that are thanking those who give.

Then we have those that want you to know something: like this Yeti holds Gramalu's Diet Coke, the nectar of the gods, or that Feliciano is a valued employee of DTI, or the name of the brewing company (no matter what size they're drinking). AND THEN, WE HAVE THE YETI THAT WAS ORDERED BY THAT GUY - THE ONE WE ALL DISLIKE AT WORK - THE ONE THAT WE CALL THE SHADOW BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS AROUND THE BOSS - THE ONE WE CALLED "BROWN-NOSER" BACK IN THE DAY. HE COMES IN AND ORDERS ONE LIKE THIS:


Or maybe the boss ordered it for himself? Whatever your cause you can have it permanently etched in your own Yeti and in the mind of everyone who is jealous that you have one. It's Friday afternoon, go fill up your own cup and have a Great Weekend. Always remember, Enjoy Life!

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