Yeti - Your cup of choice!

As we come to the end of another week and the weather is scheduled to be gorgeous this weekend, I started to think about spending time outside. When you go camping or on day trips, it seems that the new beverage containers and coolers of choice are the ones made by Yeti. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary has a short definition of the word yeti: abominal snowman. Yep, that's it. Short and sweet. Wouldn't it be great if everything in life was that simple? I guess they call their product Yeti because it is suppose to keep your beverage "as cold as science will allow".

Well we have been blessed here at Engrave It Houston because so many of you want to spread the cheer and have your Yeti personalized with your company logo, your own name, or whatever you want on it. See what I mean:



Another example:



As you can see, we have personalized a whole lot of Yetis. My friends and family that have one of the ramblers love them and say they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can't tell you for sure because I don't have one (hint-hint). Well if you have one or are getting one for someone else, we can engrave it with one of our lasers. Make that gift extra special. As a special bonus, if you tell us that you saw this blog we'll give you $5.00 off the price of engraving your Yeti. With that $5.00 savings you can go and fill up your Rambler.



Grab a Yeti and bring it in with the drawing you want on it. We'll do the rest. If you're a company looking to enhance your standing with your customers, bring us a box. :)  I look forward to seeing you. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather. Remember, this is Texas and it will change soon.