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Why I Am A Huge Fan Of Supporting The Flag

Nothing else brings Americans more pride and patriotism than the American flag. Above all, the stripes and stars of the red, white and blue encompasses the history and the values that we hold dear.

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6 Misconceptions on Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is one of the many wonders of the industrial industry. The glistening top of the Chrysler building in New York, the famous arch in St. Louis... your YETI drinking cup.... even the kitchen sink! Its applications are endless. Lets take a moment to dig just a little bit and cover the most common misconceptions about Stainless Steel. (Put your learning hats on!)

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Why is YETI so popular?

YETI Ramblers..... A marvelous feat of science-meets-beverage-holder.

The YETI brand seems to have exploded into the market as a forever favorite when it comes to superior drinkware and coolers.

I will admit that I, myself, had doubts when the world started scooping these up by the thousands. It is just a cup right? Wrong. It wasn't until after I received my own 30oz YETI as a gift that I fully began to understand the wonder behind the YETI brand.

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Our Largest Stainless Steel Project to Date

We just completed a job for Bespoke Millwork that we wouldn't have been able to do a couple of months ago because we didn't have the equipment. Their job required laser engraving and laser cutting 5 pieces of 16 gauge stainless steel that you see above. Three of the pieces were 29" wide and 42" tall, and the other 2 pieces were large odd shaped cut-outs. If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you may remember the one where I introduced a new piece of equipment, a 250W Coherent laser (we were getting it set up in the picture below), We put it to use and laser cut all 5 pieces.

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Yeti - Your cup of choice!

As we come to the end of another week and the weather is scheduled to be gorgeous this weekend, I started to think about spending time outside. When you go camping or on day trips, it seems that the new beverage containers and coolers of choice are the ones made by Yeti. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary has a short definition of the word yeti: abominal snowman. Yep, that's it. Short and sweet. Wouldn't it be great if everything in life was that simple? I guess they call their product Yeti because it is suppose to keep your beverage "as cold as science will allow."

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Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

We're not coming at you with the white gloves or anything. No one is perfect. But your information is there for a reason.  Whether it is safety, equipment information, or company branding, your stainless tags and plates need to remain readable. (Not to mention the beauty of stainless really shines when its polished and clean.)  


Stainless steel is a popular choice for tags, nameplates, and panels due to the duability and ease of care. While easy to maintain, there are a few best pracitices to keep in mind.

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