Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

We're not coming at you with the white gloves or anything. No one is perfect. But your information is there for a reason.  Whether it is safety, equipment information, or company branding, your stainless tags and plates need to remain readable. (Not to mention the beauty of stainless really shines when its polished and clean.)  


Stainless steel is a popular choice for tags, nameplates, and panels due to the duability and ease of care. While easy to maintain, there are a few best pracitices to keep in mind.

  • Harsh abrasives should NEVER be used on any polished metal surface.
  • A clean, dust and grit free cloth should be used to avoid scratching

Even though SS is relatively easy to maintain on its own, you can run into issues, depending on the environment, chemicals used, etc.  We put together this simple chart for the most common cleaning needs.




To download this image as a PDF, please click here.

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