Engraved Plastic Labels - Using All the Colors of the Rainbow

A small but important part of manufacturing and production processes are engraved labels, or ID tags. Beyond simple identification, they often provide vital information. If, for instance, a switch or valve is not properly placed and identified, it can mean the difference between safety and a catastrophe. 

Laser engraved plastic labels are a great option, and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Using color to differentiate instructions and information on tags can help staff identify information quickly. Specific colors can be used to identify contents. Others can hold safety messaging or operating instructions. Rather than sifting through the same metal messaging system, a little color in your labels will save time and ensure accuracy.

Multi-color tags can also help with any issues of bilingualism or illiteracy among staff. If colors are used uniformly throughout a structure, it can help readers of different languages identify and respond to information. They can also aid various reading levels, given the simple tool of color to effectively communicate certain information. Even if your workers are fully capable of understanding written instructions, colors can still provide a backup safety measure.

Just like metal tags, today's materials specifically manufactured for laser or rotary engraving can stand up to harsh conditions.

Plastic tags:

  • Are designed to operate in the range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 260 degrees fahrenheit.
  • They do not corrode, conduct and are a lightweight and safe option.
  • They can be made to any size or shape needed, and mounted with predrilled holes, or industrial-strength self-adhesive tape.

So pick a color - any color! -  for your next project. Check out our FREE COLOR CHART to give you some ideas.

Reverse engraved tags offer even more versatility. Check out this previous blog post to learn more: PLASTIC TAGS VS METAL TAGS

And if you would like more information on using engravable plastic for your labels or tags, please contact us. Our staff is ready to brainstorm and discover creative ways to make sure your industrial engraving needs are met.