Engraved Plastic Tags Are Not All The Same

If you search google for "engraved plastic tags" you'll come up with many different companies. Not all engraved plastic tags are the same, however. Here's what makes our plastic tags and labels different:

You can't create a great product unless you start with one. We do. We use an industrial grade product made in the USA. It is outdoor rated and UV stable (many are not). Your tag or label will last longer and look better. It won't have to be replaced because it fades or becomes discolored. So, we produce a better tag or label because we start with a better product.

We mask our sheets before we create the tags or labels. This is an extra step that many companies skip. By masking the sheets prior to production, the tags come out much cleaner. When the laser does its job, it burns and you have smoke from this burn on the tag. Not ours. This mess ends up on top of the masking we applied. Remove the masking and you have a crisp, clean tag that looks great!


Summing up this blog I remind you that the product you start with makes a difference, how it is prepared for the laser makes a difference, and the little things after the tag is made makes a difference. Looking forward to doing your tags and letting you see the difference. Until the next time, Enjoy Life!