Our Newest Team Member - The RMI Laser

A little over 3 months ago, we received our new RMI Laser. This laser is different from the other fibermark and CO2 lasers that we have in our stable. This laser allows us to mark on products in a number of ways that we couldn't before. Here are some examples:


The small part above is sitting on a dime. This marking cannot be read without magnification yet you see how clear and clean it looks. We also marked the other end of this piece as well.

As you can see in the top two photos, we received this very old and very rusty and pitted horseshoe from our customer. They wanted it engraved. Not only did the RMI do the engraving, it provided contrast. These were not paint filled. I look at engravings all day long and the RMI even surprised me with the clarity and contrast on such a bad substrate. Imagine how good your engraving would look if you started with a clean, flat product.

The bracelets above were engraved with our RMI. Once again, these are not paint filled. The laser gives us depth and contrast. Depending on the substrate we are engraving, the color normally turns out to be a brownish-black. This is a great example of the color.

The last thing I want to show you about the RMI is a video. On most laser videos, you will see the laser head moving back and forth over the object being engraved. Notice on this video, you don't see that. That makes the process faster than the conventional rastering laser. Enjoy the video of these green boxes that are actually going up to the International Space Station where they will be launched as satellites. 

Now I've given you 4 reasons the RMI is a great addition to our laser arsenal. It works great on very small, even micro engraving, it does a great job even on poor substrates, it provides contrast when engraving, and it is faster which allows us to be more competitive on large orders. 

We are constantly upgrading our equipment and staying up with technology for one reason: to provide you a high quality product, in a timely manner with deadlines that we keep, with honesty and integrity. Why? To build customer relationships that last and can be counted on.

One last thing. Congratulations are in order for Alexandra Webb, the winner of a customized 20 oz Yeti Tumbler. Her name was drawn on 9/1 from the 132 entries we had on our first Facebook contest. You can see the drawing by going to our Facebook page. By the way, the new contest will be announced there on 9/8. Until next time, Enjoy Life!