Closing Gifts that Give Back

Closing gifts serve as an "above and beyond thoughtful" show of appreciation for your clients. The right gift can work as a double edge sword; a thank you gift and a gateway to future referral business.

It’s important to remember closing gifts are not about you, the realtor. While it is tempting to plaster your name and referral information all over it, you need to focus on what is going to be to your client’s best interest. If it is something they love on top of a pleasant buying experience…. Trust me… they’ll remember you. If you really hit the jackpot, they’ll speak your praises like wildfire.

Generic gifts are a thing of the past. If you want to stand out, you need to be creative and really attentive to your client’s needs and style.

As you take your client around from property to property, pay special attention to the conversations you have. Are they looking for a big kitchen to practice their culinary hobby? Does she plan to flourish in the garden? Are they looking for a modern interior or traditional? Listen for cues to decide on the right gift. Nothing says ‘I only care about the bottom line payout’ more than a gift that doesn’t match the client. (i.e. a fancy bottle of wine for a client that doesn’t even drink)

Custom closing gifts can be a great marketing tool with a mission to gain repeat business and future referrals as well.

For ideas on custom closing gifts, check out our RealHome line - gifts created specifically with Realtors in mind.