Custom Metal Tags - And Why They Matter for Your Business

You see them every day, and you don’t even notice. You’re so used to them, you follow their instructions and absorb their information without a second thought. Nearly every company uses metal tags or metal labels in some form or fashion somewhere in their business. And most don’t ever give them a second thought… until it’s time to replace them.

Have no fear, that’s where we come in. (Cue the heroic theme tune…)

At Engrave It Houston, custom metal tags and custom metal plates are our specialty. We understand how important they are for your business, and we provide the assurance of receiving a quality product before your deadline, at a price that won’t break the bank.

You Sure I Need Metal Tags or Metal Labels?

Quite sure. Metal tags and metal labels have a myriad of different uses and functions they can serve within your business. Each of these uses and functions is an opportunity to provide clarity and information in a lasting way. Such as:

  • Safety - No one can argue that safety is the most important thing in any working enironment. (Safety first, then teamwork.) Custom Metal Tags or Metal Labels allow you to prevent accidents and incidents by displaying warning messages or symbols on your custom metal tags or labels.

  • Identification - There are multiple levels to identification that can be accomplished by a custom metal tag or label. Whether you're identifying your business by adding your logo to your custom metal tags, you're identifying a certain part or piece at some stage in your business flow, or you're labeling equipment as belonging to your business, custom metal tags and plates are indispensible for any industry. Including yours.

  • Compliance - many times, the industry you're in will bring with it some regulations for how you're allowed to do what it is that you do. Custom metal tags or labels which detail these regulations and requirements can help save you from a lot of heart-ache down the line when you have to redo the work. You don't want that. And we don't want that for you either.

So, Metal Tags Are Obviously Important. But, Where Can I Get Them?

Fortunately for you, Engrave It Houston specializes in creating custom metal tags and labels in accordance with whatever our customers' projects may call for.


Our on-site equipment allows us to create your custom tags from start to finish: from the fabrication stage where we custom laser cut the tags in your desired size and shape, to the custom engraving or printing stage where each tag is endowed with the information it was designed to display. Our team of highly-skilled designers and technicians work with you from start to finish to create an end result that exceeds your expectations.

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