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Custom Firearm Laser Engraving in Houston Texas

Personalize Your Gun Your Way with Engrave It Houston

Firearms are beloved by collectors all across this great nation. But, when it comes to a passion for collecting unique, personalized firearms, we find that (just like everything else with Texas) it's bigger here. Firearm aficionados in Texas have a passion for their collections that rivals just about anyone anywhere. And, the more unique or personalized the piece the better. That's why Engrave It Houston offers custom firearm engraving (both for personalization projects as well as NFA & NFA Trust Engravings). Because we understand that this is your firearm. And, while many are like it, this one is yours. And you should be able to personalize it accordingly.

Your Premiere Source for Local Firearm Engraving in Houston Texas

The clue is in the name (Engrave It Houston). We're a Houston Texas based laser engraving shop that specializes in unparalleled quality and outstading customer service. That's why we only do firearm engraving for local customers. Because you don't want to work with one of those huge operatios that churns out countless engravings for faceless customers not caring if they make errors or how you feel about the process. And we don't want to be one of those companies. So we choose not to. Instead, we believe in focusing on local and taking care of the people right here in our own backyard.

At Engrave It Houston, we believe you - as the customer - come first. And we are striving to bring that customer-centric focus back into business. So, we don't open our firearm engraving services to the whole world. Instead, we choose to focus on our smaller local customer base so that we can provide you with the outstanding quality of customer care you deserve while we work with you to create the perfectly personalized firearm you've been dreaming of.

So, get in touch with us. Tell us about your firearm project. We'd love to hear from you.

Firearm Engraving While You Wait in Houston Texas

Unlike other firearm engravers who "get to it when they get to it," Engrave It Houston does all of our firearm engraving projects While You Wait, so you never have to ship your prized pieces anywhere, and you don't have to leave them somewhere for weeks.

Simply bring your firearm (disassembled to only the necessary components for engraving) in for your scheduled appointment and enjoy the comfort and amenities of our show-room while your firearm is custom engraved right then and there.


No getting lost in the shuffle. No playing phone-tag or getting the endless run around trying to find out where your Glock slide disappeared to. And no being just another number in a long list of orders.

Just one of the many ways that we at Engrave It Houston are working to bring customer service back into the spotlight of business in 2019.

NFA & NFA Trust Engraving in Houston Texas

Just like anywhere in the US, gun owners in Houston Texas are subject to compliance with ATF firearm marking regulations for Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Silencers/Suppressors, and Any Other Weapons (AOW).

Unlike anywhere else in the US, however, Houston Texas is home to Engrave It Houston, where we offer NFA & NFA Trust Engraving services - along with the outstanding quality and unparalelled customer service we throw in for free with all our jobs.

PRICE: $95.00


All NFA & NFA Trust Firearm Engravings from Engrave It Houston Exceed BATFE Requirements.*

*NFA/NFA Trust Engraving Requirements: Engraving must be at least .003" in depth and 1/16" tall, regardless of placement location. Text must be visible without dis-assembly.

There is no additional charge per line for NFA engravings. However, keep in mind that the length of your engraving could potentially rule out some placement options.

We can engrave your firearm in any font and size you wish. Although, common practice is to choose a font that matches the manufacturer information already engraved on your firearm. This helps to preserve the overall feel of the firearm.

Please dis-assemble your firearm down to the receiver (or as far as you are comfortably able) before you arrive for your engraving appointment.

NFA Engravings Are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Schedule Yours Today!

Houston's Premiere Choice for Local Firearm Engraving, Personalization, & Customization

At Engrave It Houston, we pride ourselves on the quality of our performance and striving to exceed customer expectations. We work tirelessly to keep on the cutting-edge of technology and trends in order to be able to provide you with the best service possible. We're not perfect. We're people. Just like you. And we believe in working together like people should.

So, let's work together. And let Engrave It Houston show you why 20+ years of experience and an oustanding comittment to customer service have made us the premiere source for custom firearm engraving in Houston Texas.

We look forward to working with you.

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