Following the Houston Rockets!

As I was savoring the Rockets win in Game 7 against the Clippers, a thought came to me. The Rockets upgraded their team with key additions, among them Corey Brewer, Josh Smith, and Pablo Prigioni. None of them were here last year and now they all are making a significant impact and have helped take the Rockets to the Western Conference Championship Series. We have just done the same thing at our company, we have upgraded our "team" with another addition, and more are on the way!

Meet our new Coherent CO2 250 watt laser!



This new addition to our team will allow us to better serve our customers in several ways

  • It allows us to laser cut stainless steel panels and tags in house up to 14ga. in thickness. In the past we could shear up to 20ga.
  • It allows us to cut shapes. In the past we could only shear straight lines. Now we can make ovals, circles, etc.
  • It allows us to handle larger pieces. The laser bed on this Coherent Laser is 48 x 48, up from the 18 x 32 on our other lasers.
  • It allows us to provide a quicker turn-around. We no longer have to wait for outside sources for material.

As with any new member of a team, we are still adjusting to his "game". But this laser has already shown signs of brillance. Take a look at this:



This is a small diffuser we made using this laser. We are not professional photographers, but wanted to show what we can now do. Just wait until we have some practice together. We are really excited to be able to give our customers these new services, and can't wait until our next addition arrives in a few days. We are working on making this a championship team. We are good... but always striving to be better. Stay tuned for the next new member. Until then, enjoy your life and GO ROCKETS!