Engraving for the Food Industry


Want to stand out in the Food Industry? Of course you do. Whether you are a resturant owner, a caterer, the Head Chef, or a supplier to the food service industry, there are a few things to make you or your establishment stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few suggestions.

When you are serving that hot, juicy, delicious steak to your customer, wouldn't it be great to constantly remind them of where they are? Every time they pick up their custom engraved knife, they see your name or your logo, or any other message you want to relay.


You are serving roast beef at a catered event and you have a beautiful wooden cutting board that is holding the mouth-watering meat. Why not let them know who is catering the event? They may be needing your services in the very near future.


There is an opportunity for you to show off that wonderful logo that you spent so much energy thinking up until you had it just right. Whether it is on a cleaver that your chef is working with or a stainless serving tray, you once again send the message that you want your brand to be identified with - you are different, you are special.


You are unique, different from the crowd and want to show everyone that you are. You've made it and now it is time to let everyone around know that you are a cut above. Let everyone know that you are proud of who you are and what you do.


Promote yourself and your business at every opportunity. Above you see an award for 1st place in a Chili Cook-off. It was marked with one of our lasers on this giant spoon. The size of the spoon doens't stand out in this picture, it was over 2 feet tall! Don't you think the winner will be proud to display this award on their wall? Also pictured is a stainless steel pan that was given as an award to an employee. Better than another plaque to go on a wall. This stands out!

In summary, there are several ways to use engraving in the food industry as well as in everyday life. If you can imagine it, more than likely we can do. Give us a challenge, we LOVE them.