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#1 Summer Trend - Personalized Cups for Kids | And Why Giving Kids Gifts Matters

We all love receiving gifts. Some of us more than others (…some of us way way way more than others…). But, regardless of whether you get “smile with twinkling eyes” happy or “my joy will burn out the existence of the sun” happy, we all love when someone gives us something. It shows effort of forethought, planning ahead to find a gift they knew you would love, or seeing something that reminded them of you and they knew you just had to have), as well as courage and caring to…

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Reasons you should get your Stethoscope Engraved

A common issue in the medical professional world... Stethoscopes "walking off". Sometimes not on purpose, other times.... who knows why they disapear?

However, there is an quick fix for at least making it easier to return to you should it be misplaced or lost

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Our Yeti Contest Started Today!


The Custom Story of the Week is about our first ever contest, AND YOU CAN WIN YOUR OWN YETI. It's very easy to enter. 

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Laser Engrave your Tools!

I recently read a post on ebay about stolen tools that led me to a forum where different people talked about marking their tools. These are people who make a living with their tools and wanted to keep them shiny. They didn't want to paint them or dip parts of them. Well there is one way to mark them that doesn't change anything other than giving them a permanent mark - Laser Engraving.

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Engraving for the Food Industry

Want to stand out in the Food Industry? Of course you do. Whether you are a resturant owner, a caterer, the Head Chef, or a supplier to the food service industry, there are a few things to make you or your establishment stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few suggestions

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