Reasons you should get your Stethoscope Engraved

A common issue in the medical professional world... Stethoscopes "walking off". Sometimes not on purpose, other times.... who knows why they disapear?

However, there is an quick fix for at least making it easier to return to you should it be misplaced or lost. 

Personalize It With Engraving! 

Reasons to get your Stethoscope Engraved:

1. Less chance of it walking off without you and getting lost in the endless shuffle of medical shift changes. 

2. Should it still walk off, it'll be easier to return to you.

3. It makes a really nice gift for a graduating student.

4. If you invest in quality equipment for your profession, it should stay yours!

At Engrave It houston, we will engrave your stethoscope while you wait! We love our customers and we undestand it is hard to part with certain items. Let us know you will be coming by, we'll save a machine for you and engrave while you wait. If you have any questions, please contact us. We're happy to help... it's just what we do!