Laser Engrave your Tools!


I recently read a post on ebay about stolen tools that led me to a forum where different people talked about marking their tools. These are people who make a living with their tools and wanted to keep them shiny. They didn't want to paint them or dip parts of them. Well there is one way to mark them that doesn't change anything other than giving them a permanent mark - Laser Engraving.

The RMI Laser that we use on these tools actually cuts in the metal and leaves a dark impression, as you can see on the channel lock pliers on the left. Because of the depth of the laser etch you cannot remove this mark other than with a grinder. Laser engraving your tools is cost effective way to mark your tool to keep them in the proper storage area / box or in the right hands. We recently marked every tool in 17 large tool boxes for a local petrochemical plant. Each of these large sets had smaller sets within them, such as the socket set you see here:


Notice that we marked the box with the same number as each piece in the box. This set actually goes in the large tool box number 16. If you found one of these sockets lying loose on a table, you would know where it belongs. A couple more examples:


You'll notice that we didn't change the functionality of the tool, the overall coloration of the tool, and the mark is permanent and easy to read. Keep your tools where they belong and let us do your laser engraving. Until next time, continue to Enjoy Life!