Custom Engraving Story of the Week - Victory Bell

The morning started here as usual. Once the computer woke up there was an inquiry to custom engrave a brass bell similar to one in our website gallery. She needed it right away! Well, our work load was full, we don't sell bells, the customer had to provide it, and there was no way she could get one, get it to us, and have it by lunch. As I walked from my desk to the coffee pot, I heard our owner, Lloyd, on the phone talking with someone about a bell. Now, I've only been here for 5 months and this is the first time anyone has asked to have a bell custom engraved, so I thought this must be the same person. Lloyd hung up and I asked if he had been talking to someone about custom engraving a brass bell and he said he had - she would be here in 20 minutes, and we were going to laser engrave it while she waited! I knew our workload was full so I asked what the story was, knowing it had to be good. It was!


Amy was the person on the phone and the sender of the inquiry. Her best friend had been undergoing cancer treatment at MD Anderson. Amy knew that the treatments were coming to an end and that she was doing well. Part of the standard procedure at MD Anderson was when a patient is released, they get to ring the bell at the hospital. Around midnight, Amy found out that her friend would be released the NEXT DAY and she was going to be there and wanted to give her a gift, something to commemorate her victory. Of course, this turned out to be THE bell she wanted custom laser engraved. Amy WOULD have it when she met her friend at the hospital.


Of course we had to do whatever it took to make this happen. What a friend... What a customer... What a story! We were happy to have a small part in this victory celebration. Uplifting stories like this are needed by us all. I will continue to share the story of the week, every week, as long as we have them. I can't wait to see what this week holds. Until next time, enjoy life.