Ozark vs. YETI

Raise your hand if you don’t get to sit and finish your cup of coffee while it is still hot! 

I had grown accustomed to luke warm tea and watered down cokes because thats all I ever got to drink. Until the famous YETI brand cups made their debut that is! A quick google search will turn up any number of loyal supporters proclaiming its fantastic science feats. But what do you do if you don't want to/can't shell out the big bucks for a $30-$40+ cup? -- Now you can get one at your local walmart, that does the exact same thing...for a fraction of the cost!

Yes, the walmart brand, Ozark Trail, costs even less than the major YETI rival brand RTIC cups... because yeah, Walmart can do that. 


These babies are flying off the shelves. 30 oz- $9.74, 20 oz- $7.74, coozie- $7.74!!! A third of the price of the YETI tumblers. This cup is a YETI knock off, people, but performance wise, they are neck and neck.

So ENJOY that hot coffee. ENJOY that little bit of leftover jingle in your pockets still and at the $9.97 mark you can buy one Ozark Trail 30 oz tumbler, a bag of ice, and a bottle of Crown for the price of one YETI!

Or, you can buy your cup and bring it to us to personalize and still come out less than a YETI cup. Check out our gallery for some examples of our work.