Full Color RTIC/YETI Printing

Can you engrave ___ in color?" - This is a request we get quite often at Engrave It Houston. Our lasers do many amazing things, but there is no way to change the color of the engraving. The black and white engravings with our fiber laser work great for some logos on the stainless steel tumblers and create beautiful contrast.


Vinyl is another option for adding a color design to your cup, but its not permanent and can peel off with repeated washing. Screen Printing is also nice, but temporary. If you are going to spend the money to market your brand or personalize your cup, you want it to last, right?

In effort to meet the needs of our customers, (we love you, we do!) we have a BRAND NEW process! Introducing.....


We're pleased to share with our customers the ability to print DURABLE FULL COLOR on your stainless steel cups!

It is NOT a label or a sticker. Its NOT screen printing either. We print directly on the cup much like a printer prints on paper so you will get the exact same design each and every time. The special UV curing ink that we use adheres to the cup with a very durable bond. Its amazing.

Your design possibilities really are endless now!  Check out our gallery to see more images of this amazing new process!