Stainless Steel Cups Saving the World!

I'll be the first to admit that my heart was happy about my coffee staying hot till the last drop and my iced tea staying cold in 100*+ weather before I even considered the impact these stainless steel marvels could have on the planet. 

Do you know how much waste in disposeable water bottles and cups are discarded every single day?... Lots. Check out this beautiful infographic from Steelys Drinkware. 



To download this file in PDF form: Click here

Multiply my single cup saving multiple water bottles per day times lots of other people doing the same thing and BOOM. The planet is that much better off. 

So, pat yourself on the back while you take another swig from your stainless steel tumbler and enjoy spreading a little more good in the world. - If you're a grinch about saving the planet, well then feel free to add a plastic straw to your cup so you can still sip your perfect temperature controlled beverage and still feel grinchy.