Missed Engravings for Christmas?

Did you miss the window for engravings before Christmas? -- Don't give in to those feelings of regret. You weren't alone! Christmas is a very busy season for us all.

If you were one of those people that didn't get to put the finishing personal touches on your cherished gift in time for the holidays, we're sorry! Once we figure out how to suspend time we will gladly work out everyone's last minute wishes and desires. We promise.... right after we solve world hunger and figure out a way to get Pluto re-instated as a planet.

While it doesn't look like any of that will take place in the next few days, we suggest turning your Christmas gift into a Happy New Year's gift! -Just go with me on this for a minute- A gift that comes with a wish for a productive year and many new memories to come. While the recipient will see you as kind and thoughtful, you'll get a few bonus days/weeks to not stress with the rest of the population running around in a hurried mess getting last minute gifts. 

So send out your Christmas cards, make some cookies and then sit down by the fireplace with your feet up. You can totally make this New Year's gift thing work. You got this.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - From Engrave It Houston