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Missed Engravings for Christmas?

If you were one of those people that didn't get to put the finishing personal touches on your cherished gift in time for the holidays, we're sorry! Once we figure out how to suspend time we will gladly work out everyone's last minute wishes and desires. We promise.... right after we solve world hunger and figure out a way to get Pluto re-instated as a planet.

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Marking Stainless with CO2 & Fibermark Lasers

When it comes to laser marking stainless steel, there are two great ways to do it. These two ways are similar at the start - they both require the use of a laser and they make a permanent mark on the metal. However, beyond the start they travel different avenues to get to the finished product. For the sake of this blog I will refer to the two methods as CO2 and Fibermark.

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