Why YOU Should Put Your Brand on a Stainless Steel Cup

If you are looking for a great way to repeatedly get your logo into customers’ hands (literally!), drinkware is the way to go to quench your thirst for brand exposure and advertising.

The stainless steel drinkware industry has exploded into an amazingly popular industry. These cups (with many different brands to choose from) are very well loved by thier owners. Brands, such as YETI, have developed an almost cult-like following of loyalty. YETI is THE brand when you want to show your client or employee the luxury route. "We spare no expense to show how much we appreciate you."

The other comparable 'off brands' are a popular choice for companies who still want to give the hottest most coveted gifts to clients and employees but don't want to break the bank. They are also a good choice if you want to stretch your budget a little further. You can use your savings to add a little more personalization to the cup with powder coating or full color printing! 

We Americans are a thirsty bunch. We drink more than 42 billion bottles of water each year. We’re guzzling 3.6 billion gallons of tea per year. And we have quite the obsession with coffee... *I'm so guilty*.... Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day. We are the leading consumer of coffee in the world. And these stats don’t count soda, beer, or wine. We basically love drinking as much as we love eating apparently.

These stats are astounding on their own, but with all that gulping, sipping, slurping and general partaking in our favorite beverages why not make sure your brand is the cup your clients love? You love on them and they will happily promote you from morning until night by using your awesome cup.

We can help you create the perfect company gift that will make you all sorts of shiny and popular in the office. Lets get started!!