Ready with my YETI

Woohoo!... Did you hear the weather predictions for a nice chilly weekend?............ yeah, I know. I'm not sure I believe them either. Its November and we're all still skeptical in Texas about it actually getting cold. Thank goodness for air conditioning, right? 

People of places with 4 distinct seasons, I envy you just a little bit this time of year.


We've written multiple blogs and tests on the stainless steel tumblers. We've completed test after test on brand to brand comparison... we've tested it all so that you can have our honest opinions and know what to expect when it comes to keeping your beverages chilled to perfection. (Its a tough job... but someone has to do it.)

Lets take a minute to discuss your morning cup of Joe, your evening treat of hot chocolate or warm apple cider and a perfect cup of hot tea. YUM...

How long does the stainless steel tumbler keep drinks hot?:
-- In all of our testings, drinks were kept nice and hot for 5-6 hours. Each brand is slightly different on the exact times. Some start losing temperature after the 5 hour mark, some last as long as 24 hours and still remained warmer than room temperature. With your standard coffee mug, you're looking at maybe a 30 minute window of drinking time. 

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Does the brand make a difference?
Yes and no. Let me explain. YETI has the perceived value and quality and THE fancy branding for people who are willing to spend a little more to have the finer things in life. It's a great cup. But not everyone can afford it....... enter the competition brands.

Just about every single one is comparable in performance but lack the 'fancy' brand name. There are a dozen or so that look nearly identical to the YETI but have a few slight alterations. You have RTIC, OZARK, LOOP... the list goes on. You just have to ask yourself how much that brand name is worth to you.

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So, does brand make a difference? You have to ask yourself.... Do I need to be fancy/persnickety? Or is this a gift where I don't want to seem cheap? -- If yes, then YETI is really the way to go. If No, then rock on with your penny pinching self and enjoy your double caff, hot mocha latte something or other with extra whip in your off brand cup! YETI or not YETI... you're going to enjoy your perfect temperature controlled beverage... *sip, sip... hooray!*

I'll just be pretending its cold here. Crank the A/C down and turn on the fireplace channel on the TV.... even if it isn't cold, I'm going to put my stainless steel tumbler to work on my warm beverages this weekend!