YETI vs. RTIC - The drinkware of your dreams

The YETI craze this last year has been a little overwhelming (to say the least)... for ...well, just about everyone. YETI couldn't keep stock in the stores fast enough for the holidays. EVERYONE wanted one! If you did manage to get your hands on one, it was like the gods themselves smiled down upon you.

As of January 2016, stores are still sold out and people are still still scrambling to get to their hands on this 'amazing cup'.  

*Enter the Competitor* Yay! We're saved!

Truth be told, YETI is an awesome cup. The YETI cup really does what the company promises it does.... But, its not the only one that can do it. Hold on to your hats folks, RTIC (pronounced ar-tic) is about to challenge the YETI cup like none other! We've put the cups to the test and if you want the whole scoop.... here you go!


First things first.... RTIC comes in at half the cost of a YETI tumbler. Yes, I did say half. *cha-ching*


As you can see from the pictures... Both RTIC and YETI are stainless steel cups of similar design. The RTIC has a slimmer bottom half of the cup that they claim fit in more cup holders. 


They both have clear lids with the rubber seal.... RTIC has a slightly different "drinking hole" shape that will allow for a straw, if you prefer.


The YETI cup comes in just a smidge shorter than the RTIC cup.... though they both hold 30oz. of liquid. 

And now the big question...
Does RTIC perform as well as a YETI?
A few of us at Engrave It Houston have been doing tests in the office and at home, in the car... while lounging outside (believe me, its been brutal). We've put them side by side in every test we could possbly think of hot and cold... and... RTIC stands right up there in quality with YETI... and for HALF the cost!

Right now RTIC only has the 30oz available. But designs for a 20oz and colster/koosie design are already in production and will be offered soon. (Update: Nevermind, RTIC has stepped up its game and now has a product selection just like YETI. 20 oz, Colsters, Lowballs, coolers... you name it.)  Also.... check this out..... They offer a lid that actually closes! woohoo! (picture from RTIC website) (Update: YETI offers these lids too now via their website)


So there you have it! We still LOVE the YETI cups, but when cost is a factor, RITC may just be your answer. RTIC has all the icy cold beverages and hot coffee days you desire, kept at absolute temperature perfection for hours on end.... and at HALF the cost of a YETI tumbler. You'll save just enough to bring your cup on into us and we will help you personlize it! ... you can even purchase the cup from us and save yourself a trip, if you like. Isn't that easy?