RTIC - A cheap version of YETI?

If you're reading this then you are aware that YETI has a few competitors on the market now. Good for you for doing your research!

RTIC (pronounced "artic") is one of the brands that seems to be increasing in popularity more and more. The people at RTIC claim that their cups are just as good at YETI, but half the cost. 

Does RTIC really measure up to YETI??


In our opinion, yes. If you are looking for a more economical version of the oh-so-amazing YETI cup and you don't mind not  having the 'fancy' brand... RTIC is a great alternative. When we put the 2 cups to the test side by side, the cups performed equally. Cold beverages were kept chilled to perfection, ice remained ice long after it would in a normal cup, and hot beverages were kept super hot. win. win.

(**Read our blog with detail comparison on YETI vs. RTIC cups**)

The only thing that RTIC doesn't offer.... a free bonus sticker with purchase with thier logo on it........................................so, here you go. You're welcome.


What are your thoughts on the RTIC vs. YETI ruling? Have you made the switch?

Teal/Tiffany Blue Powder Coated YETI engraved with logo


Lipstick Pink PowderCoated RTIC Engraved with Monogram design