Father's Day Gift Ideas

The #1 easy gift idea... A Stainless Steel Tumbler! RTIC/YETI brand tumblers are wildly popular. These cups seem to be universally appreciated by all gift recipients. i.e. You just can't go wrong. Everyone LOVES these cups!

Father's Day 2016 is Sunday, June 19.  You're welcome. There is still time to come up with something unique and amazing for dad (or your grandpa or uncle or that guy who may as well be family... everyone who has done their best to fill that sweet spot in your life as a Dad).

While you're at it, you may as well grab a RTIC or YETI for yourself too, so you can have more bonding moments together in the future, right? Its the best thing for everyone *wink wink*.

The possibilities out there are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Once you've got the perfect idea in mind, we'll take care of the rest. (You can also view our galleries on our website here)

The "Tough Guy" Dad
If you think straight A's, varsity athletics, and charity work are going to impress this Dad, you better not speak unless spoken to. Party tonight? Sure, but be home by midnight or you're doing dishes... twice. You know there is love behind those threats... and tough bulging muscles too! A big teddy bear on the inside / Hard core man on the outside. 


The "Business" Dad
You can track his good days based on the ups and downs of the stock market. He tries and tries to provide for the family. He takes care of those he loves. You'll always cherish those times when it was just you and him (and his two Blackberries, Palm Pilot, iPhone, and iPad).

The "Best Friend" Dad
He has always been there for you. He laughs, give you a hug, and tells you that he knows how life is in today's world. Despite whether you believe him or not... he is more of a friend that anyone your own age. 


The "Protector" Dad
Ok, so always having a curfew could be annoying, but you know he thought it was for your own good. Danger doesn't even stand a chance when he is around. Not being an embarrassing dad? Sorry, no promises there.

The "Sport Lover" Dad
If it involves keeping score... This guy is all for it. Spending all day on a lake with a fishing pole cures his weary woes. Sports bring euphoria to his life and the only thing better is having his kid around to yell at the opposing team with him. (Sorry - No NFL or professional logos - they are registered trademarks. )

Every Dad has his quirks... you know you're going to get the famous dad jokes and embarassing stories to share with your kids one day. He'll jump out and scare you more times than you can count, but you'll love him anyways. *Heres to more memories to be made with Dad* Cherish them while you have the opportunity.

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